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Market Outlook  -- Meat and Poultry
September 2, 2022

Boxed Beef: Steady/Available - Prices Stable/Decreasing  With Labor Day weekend retail
volume behind us, look for the loin complex to begin to ease lower into October. The rest of
the complex is expected to remain steady.

Chicken - Steady/Available - Prices Decreasing  Boneless breast meat prices have remained
steady, but have started to slightly deflate again. Spot availability is showing on all sizes. Wings
have stabilized and are holding steady near term with spot availability showing. Tenders are holding
steady with some availability. Demand on whole chickens and WOGS remains steady with spot
availability showing. Demand for the back half of the bird has declined with spot availability showing.

Turkey - Strong/Short  - Prices Increasing  Breast meat prices remain steady at all-time
highs, as do the rest of the parts of the bird. Availability on whole toms and hens is scarce
with prices remaining at all time highs
.This trend is expected to continue through the summer
and possibly into the back half of the year. HPAI has not gone away and in some cases beginning
to show up again in previously affected areas of the country .

Pork - Strong/Available - Prices Decreasing  Bacon, sausage, franks and pizza toppings
prices should begin to decline in the coming weeks as demand declines after Labor Day.

Source: UniPro Market Insights Week of 9/2/2022